Thursday, 26 May 2016


Last week I managed to grab a ticket for a fashion show that was a part of Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Australia. Arriving at Carriageworks, the vibe was uber cool, and of course the fashion was on point - sometimes wacky but mostly just super slick and awesome. I love seeing when people really experiment with their fashion - and this was definitely the event to see it all at. I was actually surprised at the number of unusual outfits - and loved it so much to see people express themselves like that. 

The show I went to see was called 'DI$COUNT UNIVERSE: SIN IS IN' and I really enjoyed the atmosphere. With Nick Cave blaring so loud my ears almost burst, I watched all these really interesting pieces of clothing being catwalked down the runway. I gotta say I was a bit resistant to the whole catwalk thing - seeing only one type of body represented isn't particularly inspiring! I understand it's the industry, but it did stop me from wholeheartedly being engaged in the show. But the clothes were really cool. I love the wacky colours, patters and slogans on their clothing - they're really not afraid to go all out with their pieces. Here's some of my faves:

I decided to get a little dressed up as well, and wore some great wide leg culottes, big platform boots (they remind me a bit of rocky horror), a yellow crop top with cut outs and a classic long duster jacket. Here's my look:

Overall, a really enjoyable and interesting look into the fashion industry and how it all works. Will definitely head there next year!

- Lotte 

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