Wednesday, 16 March 2016

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hi everyone! today I was feeling pretty fashion and beauty inspired, so wanted to make a post about some beauty/fashion trends/looks that are hot right now. I really like a few of them, and can't wait to get my fashion on a bit more when it gets cooler here.


I've got a few bomber jackets in my collection, but to be honest haven't found places to where them. When I put them on I always feel like my top half is boxy and wider than I am, which is not a good look! However, I've seen people rocking them really well with plain t-shirts/singlets and 3/4 length pants (whatever material), and look fab. The bomber jackets I have are quite patterned or have big phrases on them, so I think the key is pairing them with other plain pieces. As for culottes or wide leg pants, I wear them a lot with cropped t-shirts, singlets etc. It's one of my favourite styles and I think with a bomber jacket it looks great.


This is one of my favourite looks at the moment. I think tapered 'dress' pants are so great to wear casually, especially if you're wearing a larger, statement piece on top (like this shirt). They really tie together the look to give a more put together, sophisticated vibe, which I'm into. Sometimes besides jeans I'm not sure what kind of pants to wear, but this style really solves the issue for me. You could wear them with any type of shirt (t-shirt, turtleneck, off the shoulder) and it looks fantastic. Also have been loving the bare ankles vibe, which I do occasionally rock - but with the wrong pants (or the wrong shoes) it can look weird. I personally love the school shoe style, and with these pants they make the outfit really modern and chic. 


This look pretty much speaks for itself. Pair any shiny ankle boots with rugged, ripped jeans and you've just blended two styles effortlessly. I also love the long jacket in this photo as I love wearing long coats or capes, and with jeans they look the perfect mix of casual and stylish.

LOOSE PANTS and SNEAKERS (looking at girl on left)

I know this trend has been going on for quite a while, but I haven't really got into it until now. I got myself a pair of Nike Free Runs for exercise, and while they are great for that, I've also been wearing them heaps with casual clothing. I sometimes have a problem with overdressing, but I find that when I pair an outfit with these shoes, it gives it a more free and casual look. I know it's a really popular trend, and I was somewhat opposed to it for while, but now I'm totally into it. Along with the other pants mentioned in this post, I also love loose-fitting pants for everyday wear. Apart from being really comfy, they bring about that norm core vibe. I love the simple drawstring on the black pants above, and when styled with the outfit I reckon it screams funkiness like a cool small boutique employee.


I'm a huge fan of makeup. I love to try out a lot of different styles, colours and techniques when it comes to a makeup routine. I keep seeing this look - really natural, dewy skin, highlighter, your-lips-but-better lip colour, full brows and minimal coverage foundation - and have actually become a real fan recently. I think it looks really pretty and minimal, which is a style I've been drawn towards as of late. It's an effortless look which I'm definitely going to look in to!


I've always found it a bit hard to rock this sort of look, as I find that t-shirts look a bit weird on me. But, as I have a few pieces that could be combined to create this style, I really want to try it out. I think both clothing items look really funky and modern when styled together. It's also a really easy outfit to throw on in 5 minutes, and looks fab with bare legs and docs.


I've always loved wearing rings and earrings, and silver is usually my go to colour to wear. I love the new focus on minimalist rings and earrings, which give an immediate sophisticated vibe to an outfit. I want to increase to wear small, dainty rings on all my fingers and then maybe some more statement jewellery as well. Love it. 

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