Saturday, 13 February 2016


The man approaching his newly furnished car had about him a fairly melancholy disposition. His hair was ruffled, not on purpose for style, but rather ruffled as if it was last on his agenda of things to care about. Up close, one could almost feel the grains of sea salt that sat on his head, collected from the many days of observing swimmers at the beach a few km's away. His hunch looked as though it had been practised and perfected over a number of years, with arms that simply hung next to him serving no purpose. He gave off the scent of a house that had not been furnished in over 40 years - a smell that consists of nostalgia, dust and old wood chips. The man rather liked the smell. Others did not - but it depends on who you ask. 

The reason the man had acquired such a decadent new car was because he had stolen it from his neighbour, Dolores. Now the man was on quite good terms with Dolores, but he was starting to wonder whether this recent act of theft would jeopardize their relationship. He thought it probably would. But, he didn't seem to mind as he pulled out the car keys from his back pocket, remembering the many times said neighbour had let him down regarding watering his plants when he was off on one of his expeditions. Not a substantial neighbour, he thought. 

As he slid into the car his eyes widened with the glorious scent of the leather seats. He contemplated never leaving the car again, but after considering his rather friend inside, he resolved to quickly retrieve the package and head back to the cafe. The package was for a colleague of his, who had recently returned from Bulgaria, retrieving a book for the man. His colleague had happened to be in Bulgaria at the right time, and as the man had served him many favours in the last few years, he though it only fair to pick up 'Taxation and Global Warming, the Double Headed Enemy' for his good friend. His colleague was actually in a deep conversation with the barista about Ethiopian coffee trade agreements when the man re entered the cafe. However their conversation was quickly discontinued when the man caught his colleague's eye and signalled to his watch that they should leave. Knowing the importance of time was paramount to his colleague, who, trained in the army, immediately stood up mid conversation, nodded at the Barista, and left. The man thought this was an extremely admirable move and followed him out. 

And just about two metres from the cafe they heard a scream. 'Not again' stated the man and his colleague in unison, and sauntered off down the road. 

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