Thursday, 26 May 2016


Last week I managed to grab a ticket for a fashion show that was a part of Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Australia. Arriving at Carriageworks, the vibe was uber cool, and of course the fashion was on point - sometimes wacky but mostly just super slick and awesome. I love seeing when people really experiment with their fashion - and this was definitely the event to see it all at. I was actually surprised at the number of unusual outfits - and loved it so much to see people express themselves like that. 

The show I went to see was called 'DI$COUNT UNIVERSE: SIN IS IN' and I really enjoyed the atmosphere. With Nick Cave blaring so loud my ears almost burst, I watched all these really interesting pieces of clothing being catwalked down the runway. I gotta say I was a bit resistant to the whole catwalk thing - seeing only one type of body represented isn't particularly inspiring! I understand it's the industry, but it did stop me from wholeheartedly being engaged in the show. But the clothes were really cool. I love the wacky colours, patters and slogans on their clothing - they're really not afraid to go all out with their pieces. Here's some of my faves:

I decided to get a little dressed up as well, and wore some great wide leg culottes, big platform boots (they remind me a bit of rocky horror), a yellow crop top with cut outs and a classic long duster jacket. Here's my look:

Overall, a really enjoyable and interesting look into the fashion industry and how it all works. Will definitely head there next year!

- Lotte 

Monday, 25 April 2016

Sunday, 17 April 2016

Larry Moss Acting: Audit REVIEW

A couple of days ago I went to see Larry Moss, a famous acting coach rehearse with some actors. The company 16th Street hosted the event, where actors apply to rehearse a scene with Larry Moss as their director, and people can come and 'audit' (watch) the rehearsal happening.

I hadn't heard anything about Larry Moss or his acting coaching style before this event, but was really intrigued into watching his rehearsal process and how he worked with actors. It was an immensely fascinating day, and I learnt a lot about how directors can bring emotions and actions out of their actors. Larry himself was hilarious - his broad American accent and baseball cap slightly amused me, but he also had a real knack of making the audience laugh. He also has a real talent of taking an approach to a certain scene or line from a particular play, and stretching it into a more broad concept to follow when working on any text.

He focused on the importance of breath control, knowing and studying the text, slowing down and focusing everything on the other actor in the scene (they were all duologues), which I thought were all vital aspects of rehearsing a text. His dedication to an actor's entire body was really important to understand for the actors working with him, including detailed work on the voice. I also loved his work on really understanding and knowing the text you're working on - including the setting and nationality of the work, and treating the words like poetry. He emphasized the fact that the writer is everything, and they have given you all the tools to deliver the scene truthfully if you really listen to them.

I was a bit overwhelmed at times, because once the actors were invested in the scene, there were a lot of emotional moments including crying and not being able to continue the scene. I'd never seen something like that happen in a rehearsal, and I was shocked by how much these actors were dedicated to their craft. Larry made the actors really in touch with their emotions, and to imagine situations like the ones their characters were in. I saw the development of the actors as the scenes progressed, and I think it was down to those simple factors mentioned earlier. Every actor had such a beautiful relationship with their scene partner and were definitely changed by the end of their rehearsal with him.

There were 8 scenes altogether taken from 8 plays, each was rehearsed for about an hour with Larry and then moved on to the next. I loved most of the scenes a lot, especially the ones set in Ireland (Outside Mullinger and The Lonesome West), as they were entirely about Ireland, the connection to land and a great example of how much work you have to do on a script to perform it truthfully. Stupid Fucking Bird was another favourite (the script was so well done), Laughing Wild was incredibly hilarious but also poignant and The Effect was really unexpected and different, but really interesting. I really want to read the plays and see them performed again. 

This was the set up for The Lonesome West, and the use of the stage in this scene to create tension, humour and violence was brilliant. We were seated inside quite a small room, and there was plenty of audience engagement with Larry and the actors so the intimate environment was perfect. Overall I really enjoyed the day and you can watch this video to see a glimpse of who Larry is. His tips really helped me view my acting from a more human perspective, and I think it was a really valuable experience. 


Saturday, 9 April 2016


The synopsis: 
Louis is a failed novelist, which wouldn't be the case if he'd stop messing with tense and obscuring the narrative. He was a theatre reviewer, and he'd still be doing that if a black box hadn't been invented that runs on an algorithm having it write perfect reviews. His girlfriend would still be around if he'd stopped taking her to plays were directors wrecked simple stories, and he'd be sitting in his home right now if he hadn't worn out his welcome at this parent's investment property. One thing Louis does have is grit; he ain't gonna let no thing or no body bring him down. But sometimes art happens, and when it does...two words...pens and eyes. Pens. Eyes.

The review:
First of all the venue -- the Old Fitz is an old pub in the backstreets of Wooloomooloo, Sydney. It doesn't look like a very exciting area when you're walking around it, so when I saw the Old Fitz sign on the end of the street I thought it might be a pretty daggy place. I was so wrong. A friend of mine and I walked into a really groovy bar with lots of funky actors and sydney-siders enjoying a beer from the nice Irish guy working behind the bar. The place struck me immediately as hyper-cool and not trying to be anything it wasn't. We went upstairs to grab the tickets and then headed downstairs below the bar into the tiny theatre. I immediately loved the atmosphere, everyone cramped into a tiny theatre, with low lighting, tiered seating and cushions on the stairs if you didn't manage to get a seat. It's my idea of a perfect theatre venue. The audience is so close to the tiny stage that you really feel connected to the drama and the actors no matter where you are sitting. Now onto the play.

I thought it was pretty fucking hilarious. I had no idea what is was going to be like when I booked the tickets, but was immediately hooked from the first scene. All of the actors were immensely comfortable in their characters and the comic timing straight off the bat, was perfect. The small scenes from different times in the characters lives were both funny and poignant, and although at times the play border lined surreal, there was always a real human connection that the audience felt with the story. There were some very weird and unexpected twists - what started out as 'normal' play then continued to include comic deaths and surreal events. But what I found most funny wasn't these surreal events, but the witty banter between the characters. I was almost crying with laughter at certain points, and the audience could tell that the actors themselves were cracking a smile during their scenes. It was a really clever production, with smart sets and dialogue that always kept you guessing as to what came next. Some of the acting at times wasn't wholly realistic, but I think when you work with a play that doesn't fit into a specific genre, it can be really difficult. It was the kind of play that reminded me how much I love acting and how exciting it would be to be in a production like that.

Unfortunately, last night was the play's last performance - but I'm definitely going back to the old Fitz soon for another play!

Lotte x 

Sunday, 3 April 2016

sydney look 4th april 2016

shoes - adidas stan smiths
interior shelf - muji
beauty - glossier
clothes store - alpha 60 
flower on desk - lisa cooper floristry 

Friday, 18 March 2016

19 March Entry

Today was a beautiful day in Sydney so I decided to check out the Glebe Artisan Markets for a stroll and cheeky browse. It's such a nice little market that will be happening every month now -- check it out next month for some really nice stalls! I bought some great ceramics and a lovely bracelet. Also bit of an outfit post here because why not.

Happy Saturday!
Lotte x 

Wednesday, 16 March 2016

beauty/fashion current trend loves

hi everyone! today I was feeling pretty fashion and beauty inspired, so wanted to make a post about some beauty/fashion trends/looks that are hot right now. I really like a few of them, and can't wait to get my fashion on a bit more when it gets cooler here.


I've got a few bomber jackets in my collection, but to be honest haven't found places to where them. When I put them on I always feel like my top half is boxy and wider than I am, which is not a good look! However, I've seen people rocking them really well with plain t-shirts/singlets and 3/4 length pants (whatever material), and look fab. The bomber jackets I have are quite patterned or have big phrases on them, so I think the key is pairing them with other plain pieces. As for culottes or wide leg pants, I wear them a lot with cropped t-shirts, singlets etc. It's one of my favourite styles and I think with a bomber jacket it looks great.


This is one of my favourite looks at the moment. I think tapered 'dress' pants are so great to wear casually, especially if you're wearing a larger, statement piece on top (like this shirt). They really tie together the look to give a more put together, sophisticated vibe, which I'm into. Sometimes besides jeans I'm not sure what kind of pants to wear, but this style really solves the issue for me. You could wear them with any type of shirt (t-shirt, turtleneck, off the shoulder) and it looks fantastic. Also have been loving the bare ankles vibe, which I do occasionally rock - but with the wrong pants (or the wrong shoes) it can look weird. I personally love the school shoe style, and with these pants they make the outfit really modern and chic. 


This look pretty much speaks for itself. Pair any shiny ankle boots with rugged, ripped jeans and you've just blended two styles effortlessly. I also love the long jacket in this photo as I love wearing long coats or capes, and with jeans they look the perfect mix of casual and stylish.

LOOSE PANTS and SNEAKERS (looking at girl on left)

I know this trend has been going on for quite a while, but I haven't really got into it until now. I got myself a pair of Nike Free Runs for exercise, and while they are great for that, I've also been wearing them heaps with casual clothing. I sometimes have a problem with overdressing, but I find that when I pair an outfit with these shoes, it gives it a more free and casual look. I know it's a really popular trend, and I was somewhat opposed to it for while, but now I'm totally into it. Along with the other pants mentioned in this post, I also love loose-fitting pants for everyday wear. Apart from being really comfy, they bring about that norm core vibe. I love the simple drawstring on the black pants above, and when styled with the outfit I reckon it screams funkiness like a cool small boutique employee.


I'm a huge fan of makeup. I love to try out a lot of different styles, colours and techniques when it comes to a makeup routine. I keep seeing this look - really natural, dewy skin, highlighter, your-lips-but-better lip colour, full brows and minimal coverage foundation - and have actually become a real fan recently. I think it looks really pretty and minimal, which is a style I've been drawn towards as of late. It's an effortless look which I'm definitely going to look in to!


I've always found it a bit hard to rock this sort of look, as I find that t-shirts look a bit weird on me. But, as I have a few pieces that could be combined to create this style, I really want to try it out. I think both clothing items look really funky and modern when styled together. It's also a really easy outfit to throw on in 5 minutes, and looks fab with bare legs and docs.


I've always loved wearing rings and earrings, and silver is usually my go to colour to wear. I love the new focus on minimalist rings and earrings, which give an immediate sophisticated vibe to an outfit. I want to increase to wear small, dainty rings on all my fingers and then maybe some more statement jewellery as well. Love it. 

Recent favourite style blogs:
+ chelseawears (boss of shopanomie)

And that's it! 


Thursday, 10 March 2016


I am outside the door. Looking in through the stain glass windows I spot Marco, sitting at the dining room table in his crisp white button down shirt. I’ve always loved that shirt. I can hear the screaming through the glass, years of neglect being thrown at Marco in a barrage of insults and shouts. I know I shouldn’t be looking, but I am, and I know that he knows I’m there from the small glances he’s throwing at me every few seconds. His white crisp shirt is jarring against the backdrop of the vintage wooden house, furnished with brown armchairs and black carpets. I should intervene, kick down the door and yell back at them for all they haven’t done for Marco over the years. But,
a best friend wouldn’t do that.

At one point the screaming reaches such a crescendo that I find my hands glued to my ears, desperately searching for some quiet within the noise. I flinch at the high-pitched voice of Marco’s mother and decide to run home.  I can feel the hot tears streaming down my face as my hair becomes wet with sweat. My sweatpants, ‘not a lady’s clothing garment’ by my mother’s standards, stick to my legs as I run the last minutes home. I collapse on my front doorstep, my ears ringing with the shouting and screaming.

* * * 

A few hours later I’m sitting inside my bedroom reading when I hear a knock at the door. I know immediately who’s outside. I force open the creaky door and don’t get a chance to say anything before Marco rushes into my chest. Our soundscape is made up of sobs for a few minutes, Marco’s racking cough reverberating through my t-shirt. I take his rough palm in mine and lead him to the kitchen, where he takes a glass of water from me thankfully.

‘I don’t know if I can live there anymore Sarah. I left school and I still have to deal with their rubbish? What else do they want?'

It takes me a few minutes to form an answer.

‘They’re angry at you leaving school Marc. Maybe if you go back-'

‘Are you serious? And have to deal with those horrible teens jeering at my clothes again? I’d rather die Sarah, you know that.'

Marco had been wearing that crisp white shirt for as long as I’d known him. It was a birthday present from his uncle before he died. Marco was especially close with his uncle, more than anyone else in his family. When he died, he’d kept wearing it every day to try and regain a sense of family he never found in his parents. Days turned into years.

‘Yeah I do, I know I know. But what else can you do?’ I replied.

Marco threw his hands up in the air in response. He grimaced at me in a funny way, like this was all a joke - but I could see his sad eyes almost bursting with tears. 

‘Let’s watch something on tv,’ Marco said defiantly, changing the subject.

He awkwardly skipped over to the couch, flicking the tv to some reality program. I knew Marco usually hated this fake stuff so his enthusiasm at the show was odd. He was almost hysterical in the way he said ‘damn I love this show!’ gradually leading his voice higher and higher with every comment, so he sounded like a completely different person.

He looked at me with crazed eyes brimming with tears as he said, ‘what am I going to do Sarah? My parents hate me. They hate me they hate me they hate me they-'

I stopped him with a ‘shush’, pulling him into my chest once again.

* * * 

I woke up later with Marco on my chest, breathing heavily in and out. His hands were clasped round me, his hands fists as he clung to my shirt. Dad walked in, evidently home from work, and gave me a cup of tea.

‘Sarah, I think it’s time we sort this out. Your mother and I have been talking and we are happy to have Marco live with us. I don’t know how we will sort it out with his parents but he just can’t go on living in that house again. He doesn’t fit in there, in that horrible family. Your friendship with him is all he has Sarah.'

* * * 

Marco woke up a few hours later, bones cracking as he hauled himself up from the couch with his skinny arms. HIs face is blotchy with tears as he makes his way into the kitchen.

‘Listen Marco. I’ve been having a chat with Sandra and we’d like to have you live here if that’s alright with you,’ proposed dad. 

Marco’s eyes lit up so much I thought he was five years old. It only took a few seconds for that smile to move into a concerned frown.

‘But, my parents…they’d never let me leave. I-'

‘Marco they just dropped your stuff round.'

I could tell Marco was shocked by the confused expression written all over his face. Not just confusion, but hurt and relief all at the same time. Marco had been trying to tell himself that his parents did love him after all and that their anger was just love - but now he knew it wasn’t true.

‘Wow.’ was all he could muster with a sigh.

I smiled at him, letting him know it would all be alright. After looking at me with a confused and sad expression, his face softened. A relieved smile stared back at me. 

‘Thank you,’ he said, with such softness. His voice was chocolatey as he said those words - it was one of the only times I’d heard him be truly genuine. 

‘I’m going to go and have a sleep if that’s alright,” muttered Marco, heading to my bedroom as my dad nodded in approval. I mouthed a silent thank you to dad and sat on the couch to relax.

Let me tell you a little bit about Marco. Ever since he was little, Marco rejected everything his parents expected of him. Sure, he wanted to impress and make them proud, but their idea of success wasn’t the same as his. He’s a creative person, far removed from the intellectual businessmen that make up his family - except for his uncle. He’d had learning difficulties his whole schooling life and couldn’t grasp basic concepts. As a result he became very hard on himself, introverted and anxious. We’d met in a detention class, two misfits just trying to survive at school. He told me in confidence once we’d met up a few times, that he’d never really had a friend before. 

* * * 

The next morning Marco walked slowly into the kitchen. 

‘Morning,’ I cheerfully called to him as I stirred my cereal.

He looked about four years old when he rubbed his eyes like a baby bear. He was looking so adorable in his pinstripe pyjamas and tired wrinkles around his eyes. He made his way over to me and embraced me fully. I could smell the clean cotton scent of his pyjamas and buried myself into his auburn hair.

'Tranks,’ he whispered. (It means thank you in the secret language we’d invented.)

‘You’re welcome,’ I replied.

Saturday, 13 February 2016


The man approaching his newly furnished car had about him a fairly melancholy disposition. His hair was ruffled, not on purpose for style, but rather ruffled as if it was last on his agenda of things to care about. Up close, one could almost feel the grains of sea salt that sat on his head, collected from the many days of observing swimmers at the beach a few km's away. His hunch looked as though it had been practised and perfected over a number of years, with arms that simply hung next to him serving no purpose. He gave off the scent of a house that had not been furnished in over 40 years - a smell that consists of nostalgia, dust and old wood chips. The man rather liked the smell. Others did not - but it depends on who you ask. 

The reason the man had acquired such a decadent new car was because he had stolen it from his neighbour, Dolores. Now the man was on quite good terms with Dolores, but he was starting to wonder whether this recent act of theft would jeopardize their relationship. He thought it probably would. But, he didn't seem to mind as he pulled out the car keys from his back pocket, remembering the many times said neighbour had let him down regarding watering his plants when he was off on one of his expeditions. Not a substantial neighbour, he thought. 

As he slid into the car his eyes widened with the glorious scent of the leather seats. He contemplated never leaving the car again, but after considering his rather friend inside, he resolved to quickly retrieve the package and head back to the cafe. The package was for a colleague of his, who had recently returned from Bulgaria, retrieving a book for the man. His colleague had happened to be in Bulgaria at the right time, and as the man had served him many favours in the last few years, he though it only fair to pick up 'Taxation and Global Warming, the Double Headed Enemy' for his good friend. His colleague was actually in a deep conversation with the barista about Ethiopian coffee trade agreements when the man re entered the cafe. However their conversation was quickly discontinued when the man caught his colleague's eye and signalled to his watch that they should leave. Knowing the importance of time was paramount to his colleague, who, trained in the army, immediately stood up mid conversation, nodded at the Barista, and left. The man thought this was an extremely admirable move and followed him out. 

And just about two metres from the cafe they heard a scream. 'Not again' stated the man and his colleague in unison, and sauntered off down the road. 

Sunday, 7 February 2016

study tips / getting back into school

Hi everyone! Today I wanted to write something a little different, and note down my favourite studying techniques and tricks. I've just started Year 11 and already the workload is immense, so I decided to write a post about how I get through it all. Hopefully some of you will relate to these or even take them on board! (This is also a reminder for me to do these things and not lose complete interest in my work.) So here we go.

1. study somewhere nice.

This term I vowed to myself that I would get out of the house more and study in new spaces, and I have to say I am really liking it. Being out of the house actually gets me really motivated and away from all the distractions/thoughts that come with being at home. Don't get me wrong, I still do a lot of studying at home and I like it, because it's comfortable and chilled. But on days where I really want to get a lot done, going to somewhere like the Sydney State Library or a nice cafe with a coffee which is quiet (library), or has chatter in the background (cafe) relaxes me and gets me ready to study. Even being there for a few hours on the weekend or after school makes all the difference, and stops you from being in that sluggish mood where you've been at home all day doing work without leaving the house. It's also really nice to study with your mates as well as being alone, even if you're not talking! Just being in their company is a nice feeling and it's great because there's always people to inspire you/support you or have a laugh with when you're a bit stressed.

2. going beyond your homework

This term has been a bit of a revelation to me in terms of subject matter, because for the first time I'm actually interested in what I'm studying. Often I'll find myself going off on tangents in the topic area I'm doing homework in and find some really great information that gets me excited and more motivated to learn just that bit more. If you're not into this it's totally cool, but it actually helps my understanding of a subject if I do my own research and go a bit further, beyond the questions I've been set for homework. You don't even have to do a lot, and just a little will put you ahead and ready for the next test/assessment. Who can deny themselves a little edge in class? 

3. get yourself some nice playlists 

Like most people, I love to listen to music while I study or do homework. It really blocks out whatever is going on outside and allows me to create a nice little atmosphere for myself. Obviously it depends on what your mood is like and what works for you, but I love a bit of smooth night-time jazz, classical music or chilled out electronic/house music to jam in my ears while I work. Find out what you like and use it everytime you study, to get yourself in a little routine and comfortable. 

4. try out some new study techniques

Trying to get into a particular study habit is tough. Sometimes when you haven't reached the workload you have now before, your old technique of studying everything at once for 4 hours straight won't work for you. So why not switch it up and try something new? I've recently discovered an app called pomodoro, which tracks 2 x 25 minute sessions for studying with 5 minutes in between, really giving you a chance to change up your schedule. I'm still trying it out, but I'm the kind of person who can study for a while with little breaks whenever I want them (probably not the best technique), but if you're looking for something new maybe try pomodoro or loads of websites have ideas. 

5. alternate between typing and writing

I know this won't apply to everyone, but at my school we rely heavily on laptops for all our typing and researching. Whilst this is great, it can get a little tiring and sometimes I really just want to write it all down and have it in a hard copy format. I do have a book for each lesson, and I try and write down as much as I can in it during class, but also write a bit on my computer. Often I will print out what I've typed up and stick it into the book, and when class comes around, I can just add to it with handwritten stuff. I've found this technique really works for me and means all my information is together. My hands get tired both typing and writing, so alternating between them is a great technique. Just because you haven't handwritten it doesn't mean you will forget it.

6. try an application like evernote

Evernote is actually the best for school work. It means all your work for all subjects is in one place, and you don't have to worry about word or pages or any of those other applications. It means you can safely store everything on one app, which you can access on your phone and any computer. It also means you don't have the worry of one day loosing everything. Try it and you'll see what I mean. 

7. have a hard copy diary 

I really encourage this one, and even though I have use an electronic diary in the past, I just don't find it as helpful, useful or satisfying as a real hard diary. I find it much more effective to physically write down everything I need to do so I can then tick it off and see exactly what I've done and what I need to do. I love to see my entire year and not just on a screen, and it helps me keep track. It also makes me feel safer than online, because sometimes it has stuffed up in the past and I've lost everything! (not a good time) 

Well there we go. 7 studying tips for all you study buffs out there (or if you just need to get shit done). Hope this was helpful in some way! See you soon.

Tuesday, 5 January 2016


Happy new year everyone! I'm very excited for 2016, and hope it will be a better one than 2015 as always. Just before the end of the year and even before Christmas, I went along to the Christmas Markets which are held in Sydney at Carriageworks. This was the first year they were open and it was fantastic. So much great food, stalls, hampers, music and everything else! I would definitely recommend it next year for some last minute shopping or just a lovely market. Here are some pictures I took, and if you want to see a little vlog about it: click here.  Enjoy!