Sunday, 1 March 2015

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FKA TWIGS @ METRO - 4/2/15

Ok first off if you don't know who FKA is, please look her up right now. She's a fantastic solo artist and her songs all sound super angelic and spiritual and incredible. Even though we had to wait for about 35 mins for her to come on (the support when on for a bit but he was a sick DJ so it was all g), when she came on it was just incredible. She was wearing these awesome flared white pants, a black mesh top with a bralette strappy thing underneath and a killer hairstyle and she looked like she was out of this world. She sings at a really high pitch which makes me feel like I'm in church, but basically her voice is just stunning and incredibly etherial. Seeing her connect with the audience and get lost in the music was quite extraordinary - plus seeing her move and contort her body along to the music was pretty awesome. Singing along with her was amazing and one of the most special gigs ever.

photo creds to izzy


Such a funky band. Little dragon are an awesome band from Sweden and their music is quirky and fun and really great to dance to. Great atmosphere and everyone was getting their groove on - it was wicked. Their concert was so enjoyable and beautiful + there was a cute couple from Sweden next to me, so what could be better?


I bought tickets for this concert a year ago when I was still into 1D and was kinda reluctant to go to the concert. But it was actually really fun and I had a good time with some friends! The music was really upbeat and good to dance to and I really had a fun time. They know how to put on a good show and it was a really enjoyable night. 

photo creds to liv

- Lotte 

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