Sunday, 11 January 2015

Photo Diary - LONDON

This is part 1 of a series of photo (and possibly writing) posts from my recent trip to Europe 2014/15.


^ dad and I 

^ me thrilled at the prospect of owning 3 seasons of the inbetweeners for only $20

^ unapologetic selfie? hello.

^ borough market pork roll

^ Neal's Yard 

^ stunned at the stack of british beauty products (obvs)

^ Debbie Harry exhibition - incredible.

^ sketching Egon Schiele - amazing exhibition.

^ classic London chippie. see me enjoying my perfect meal below

^ London streets, Covent Garden

^ Borough Market crowds

^ beautiful Borough Market produce

^ Christmas lunch sneaky shot

^ breakfast in our apartment - all local produce :) 

I've also been filming our trip and uploading videos to youtube, click below if you want to have a look! The London Diaries are in 5 parts:

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