Monday, 10 November 2014


Hi there!

Welcome to lotteforever. My name's Lotte (wow its in the url how handy) and this blog is for me to post my thoughts and ideas on. I'll be posting pieces of writing and posts about music, art, food recipes, books, life, general musings and more. I am at school so bear with me on the 'posting regularly' thing because it probs won't happen but hey I'll try my best. If you wanna ask me anything or just chat, you can shoot me an email over at 

So stick around for a good time and thanks for reading!

- Lotte 

p.s. thankyou so much to my lovely friend Bella for setting up this website for me! check out her blog for some great pieces of writing and inspo and general thoughts - she's awesome. AND she's doing a special project atm for all you creative folk so give her some love if you're into that. see ya 

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