Tuesday, 11 November 2014

REAL TALK #1 : 360

Hello again and welcome to a new segment I've decided to start on here called REAL TALK. It's a series of posts where I will talk about stuff that I'm into, stuff I love, stuff I'm passionate about and things/people that I need to talk about/share with people other than myself.

For the first instalment, I've decided to write about a man who is nothing short of a legend. That man is rapper and artist, Matt Colwell - otherwise known as 360.

As a younger kid I always had the occasional jam out to boys like you or child (songs you probs know and listened to as well) but it's only recently that I've really been getting into him again and realising just how much I've missed out on.

One of the many things I love about 360 is that unlike most rappers he doesn't use derogatory language or unnecessary + rude slurs to get his point across. He has admitted that he used 'to be the guy you'd avoid a lot' and has also said in many of his songs that he regrets doing a lot of bad shit he used to, in regards to the lyrics in his raps, his treatment of women and gay people and his drug and alcohol abuse. However he's said in multiple interviews that his past is behind him and he won't have words like 'faggot' and other 'stabs in his vocab anymore.' To me it's pretty big and inspiring of him to come out and say that in an industry where those kinda words are constantly used. It's a testament to the fact that you can earn the respect of his hundreds of fans (me) without being a dick and using bad language.

His latest album Utopia (buy it and never look back) discussed his experience with drug and substance abuse (purple waterfall), the music industry (still rap) and fame (price of fame) amongst other things, whilst still killing it musically on every song. The great thing is that even though his songs are extremely catchy and on-point, they also present his views on a lot of serious issues in a really simple + effective way. A lot of the songs focus on getting where you wanna be without worrying about what others think, and I think that's such a fantastic message for everyone -  especially all his young fans aspiring to be artists and stars. Utopia is a brilliant album to start with if you wanna get into him - coz the thing is I can't find one flaw in this man or this album. Basically every line of every song is a huge ass truth bomb and every song is unique and fantastic.

I went to his concert not long ago and it was honestly one of the best experiences of my life. You could tell that the music was really connecting with everyone in the room on both an immediate and profound way that was really inspiring. Plus it was a RAVE and a general bloody good time.

^ the man in action 

The man himself is actually loosing his eyesight *cue tears* which is real sad but he's got such a long career ahead of him he'll get through it. :) Just a few other things before I finish up:

- his hand, neck and other body tattoes are mesmerising and I'm kinda in awe of them

- unlike other artists, he's unapologetically AUSSIE and keeps his true blue accent shining thru.
- his facebook statuses are SO accurate I can't describe them
- he frickin loves his dog. 
- when he was on q and a (you heard right) he absolutely killed it on racism + addiction + other stuff
- he understands the problems that surround the hip hop industry and it's culture
- he's got a regional tour coming up

Well that's it for this one. Just look up interviews with him and see how much of a legend he is and you'll know how important he is to me. Every time I look at something he's done I fall in love a little bit more - so enjoy the magic that is 360.

- Lotte

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